Phone and SIP audio calls from your web browser

Tel & Tel+
Phone and SIP audio calls from your web browser

SIP is the protocol for connecting between studios, which has replaced ISDN.

ipDTL includes SIP calling as standard. No ISDN line required.

Getting started with Tel

Two service levels are offered: Tel and Tel+. Tel allows calls to landlines and some mobiles in many countries. Tel+ also allows calls to a wider range of countries and mobiles.

Just add Tel to your ipDTL subscription.

Create a Dialing Shortcut

You can also save an entry in your Destinations list. ( + )

  1. In the first menu selector, choose Dialing Shortcut.
  2. In the next box, enter a name that describes the shortcut.
  3. Enter the phone number or SIP address for the destination in the last box(es).
  4. Click Save.

* Note that by default, Send a Link is Auto-Accept only.

You can now connect by simply clicking it in your main Destinations list.

Fair use policy:

The Tel service is provided on a 'fair-use' basis.