Kelvin Barnes
Voice Talent
Kelvin is a Voice Actor with on Screen and Stage experience that began at a young age and has paved the way for an ever growing skills base in the Voice Over industry.

Radio, TV Commercials, Promos, Narrations, Animation, Accents are just some of the areas Kelvin has experience in.

Kelvin has a fully equipped studio and now resides in Tokyo. Within Tokyo, he has worked with the likes of NHK World, Toyota and Fuji Xerox amongst others in both English and Japanese.

He has worked with clients such as Warner Music, Roadshow Entertainment, Air Force, Comm Bank, Wrigleys, LG, Comedy Channel, SBS Network (including a piece to the Emmy Awards for the Cronulla Riots Documentary), Coca Cola, KFC, Hyundai, Universal Pictures, Xbox etc.

Kelvin voiced a spot for Workshop Australia on their Healthdirect Commercial that won an overall and single winner for the Siren Awards.

Clients continue to trust Kelvin to be pitch perfect for their brands because they know he brings so much skill to every session with "on the money" delivery that make his audio projects for any media a stand out.

Kelvin has his own studio and is available for work via Source Connect, ipDTL and Skype.
Subjects:Commercial, TV, Radio, Corporate, International, Animation, Gaming, Retail, Audiobook, E-learning, Trailer, VR tour, Narration, Promos
Languages:English US and Aus,
Microphones:Sennheiser 416
Extra Services:Portable Kit
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